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The results of the photo contest!
As there was no clearly distinguished best photo in the competition, the jury decided not to award the first prize in the photo competition.
Merle Rallmann's photo "Best holiday ever" won the title of viewers' favorite.
On behalf of the project team, we thank all participants.

Within the framework of the international project "Rural Lifestyle", the project partners from Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden jointly announce a photo competition with the theme "My experiences of Rural Lifestyle tourism products".
The competition is open to entries that promote rural lifestyle services to visitors:

  • Offer an opportunity to get to know modern life and people in the countryside (including participation in activities, events, workshops).
  • Show life in villages, farms and small businesses with local people.
  • Offer the opportunity to learn about or get involved in different aspects of the countryside (horticulture, modern design and architecture, crafts, healthy food, nature and green living, etc.).

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Open for uploads
21.10.2022 - 27.11.2022

Evaluation period for the jury
28.11.2022 - 30.11.2022

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