Åland harvest festival in September

The annual harvest festival has been organised since 2003 and offers a great opportunity to go around the Åland countryside, visit different farms, learn about rural life and shop locally. Everything for sale at the Åland Harvest Festival is produced on Åland. The Åland Harvest Festival is arranged by the association Skördefestens Vänner r.f. (“Friends of the Harvest Festival”). 

The farmers who invite visitors are a mix of growers, food producers and local artisans. For three days they offer freshly harvested vegetables, fresh lamb and beef, food carefully prepared from local delights and lots of beautiful crafts. All Åland Harvest Festival restaurants follow Ålands cooking manifesto, meaning that they cook and serve foods from seasonal and locally produced ingredients.

Guests who will not be using local guide services, can find their way easily:

  • Download the app “Åland Harvest festival” Skördefestens Vänner r.f. from App Store or Google Play, browse the festival’s participants, mark those of interest and map out their own route. The app costs 10 EUR and is the equivalent to the printed programme leaflet.
  • There is a map link at each farm/restaurant/pop-up (Plåpp-Åpp).
  • On approach to the festival area, there are signs and lanterns to guide visitors in the right direction.

Package type: 3 days (Friday–Sunday)
Season: autumn
For whom: individuals / groups

Type of transport: individual transfer / tour bus
Services: local guides / tours can be organized

LOCATION: Åland island