Brändö is the northernmost of the Åland archipelago municipalities and closest to the mainland of Finland. Brändö consists of over one thousand islands, ten of them are inhabited, among them Lappo and Jurmo. The islands are connected to each other by bridges, causeways and small ferries. There are many islets and skerries, small archipelago villages, sights and other places which can be explored by e.g., kayaking amidst the islands or cycling along the roads. The varied landscape offers everything from deciduous forests to barren cliffs and the ever-present sea. There are great public bathing beaches, e.g. Korsklobbsrevet south of Brändöby village has a diving board and a beach volleyball court.

How to get there:

Brändö is situated 2.5 hours from mainland Åland, 2 hours from Turku, Finland. If travelling from the Turku archipelago it is easy to catch the ferry from Houtskär in Pargas to Torsholma in Brändö, or from Osnäs to Åva.

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    Package type: 2 day trip
    Season: January–December
    For whom: individuals

    2,5 hours from mainland Åland, 2 hours from Turku, Finland. Tickets for cars, motorcycles, caravans and other motorized vehicles can be purchased onboard the ferries.

    The hotel is located in Björnholm, one of the islands in Brändö municipality. The hotel and restaurant Gullvivan is located on its own small grounds, yet close to the road network in the Åland Northeast Archipelago municipality Brändö. The hotel has 31 rooms, is open all year round and has a beautiful lake view from every room. For guests arriving by their own boats, Gullvivan’s guest harbour has room for 25 boats, and has all the services of the main hotel. Gullvivan’s customers can use their electric car charger for free.

Aland Islands and Lohja, Finland

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