General information

Package type: half day
Season: April–October
For whom: groups (min. 10–max. 50 pers.)

Duration of the programme:  3–5 h

Type of transport: 
individual transport / tour bus

Services included: 
a tour of the homestead, lunch, a themed master class (according to prior choice from a range offered)


The “Gulbji” Selonian homestead is one of the very few places in Latvia where one can see a farm characteristic of the historical region of Selonia with its typical buildings. “Gulbji” homestead is comparatively far from major roads and populated areas and located in a landscape with forests, natural meadows and hills, the property also has a lake, a spring and ponds. The farm grows vegetables, fruit, berries, and produces milk products. The hostess takes care of her collection of perennials and decorative garden. The family also keeps bees for honey, produces herb teas, makes sauna products such as scrubs, oils, and sauna whisks.

The hosts are the 6th generation of the family living here. Rita is a gardener by profession, Juris is a master in crafts and they returned to the family home over 15 years ago. Rita and Juris believe that the special unique value of the house is in its Selonian spirit that is present in everything here – the household things made by ancestors, the inherited food recipes, traditions and customs passed down through generations.

During the visit, the hosts will show guests around the farmstead and explain about the Selonian lifestyle – the traditional yard with its buildings, the garden and farming. After lunch, there is a choice of master classes in traditional Selonian crafts, foods or celebration of traditional festivities.

Programme itinerary

  • Programme


    Meeting the hosts. Introduction of the yard and buildings, a collection of tools and household items from the past.

    Visiting the flower garden, the plant nursery and the herb garden. The hostess talks about developing and maintaining a garden in a rural environment, and the use of medicinal herbs.

    Lunch – Selonian traditional dishes. The hostess talks about Selonian food traditions, the most popular recipes and methods of cooking.

    A themed master class according to prior choice: making cheese, making butter, making ropes from flax tow, building a fence from wood sticks, making puzuri – Christmas decorations from straw, celebration of seasonal festivities.