General information

Package type: half day
Season: all seasons
For whom: individuals / smaller groups
Pirts session max 8 persons (in one of three Pirts)

Duration of the programme: 3-4 hours

Type of transport:
Individual transport

How to get there:
Bus Rīga – Sigulda or Rīga – Cēsis drive to bus stop “Silciems”, walk 1.5 km / 20 min.


Here at Ziedlejas, we believe that nature shows us the right pace. That it prefers flow over rush. The proximity of nature inspires calm – it heals and nurtures us, giving us strength. Therefore, people can be their best selves when they are in tune with nature and at peace with themselves.

Here in the North, Pirts (Latvian nature spa and sauna) has a special meaning. It does not begin and end with the touch of a besom. Pirts is a source of strength where we take consecutive and thorough steps to cleanse one's body and mind.

In line with trends in modern architecture and authentic traditions, we have created three different Pirts, where you can experience rituals, sessions and events:

  • The Glass Pirts boasts a contemporary design with calming views of natural surroundings
  • The Smoke Pirts exudes ancient traditions in its own secluded spot of nature
  • The Woollen Pirts, with its unique texture and spiral design

An excellent Pirts master is as important as the design and build of Pirts. Our masters make the place, and we are proud to offer their expertise. Pirts masters lead all rituals and sessions – at Ziedlejas every Pirts lover receives their attention and pampering throughout this process. We gather plants local to Ziedlejas and use them in Pirts rituals and sessions to nurture, revitalize and strengthen your body and all your senses.

Programme itinerary

  • Programme


    Pirts session with master who leads the Latvian nature spa ritual. Each sauna ritual differs depending on the chosen Pirts.

    All guests at the Ziedlejas Pirts will enjoy genuine care during the ritual. The Latvian nature spa ritual includes relaxing and revitalizing treatment for body with warm air and besoms, scrubbing and honey treatments, surrounded by plant fragrances, appropriate and carefully selected sensory experiences.

    After the ritual Pirts-goer is pampered with a special tea, season fruits, home-baked bread and other special procedures.

  • Accommodation in Glass Room cottages

    Accommodation in Glass Room cottages

    Ziedlejas Glass Rooms are the place for you to relax and take the time to enjoy the natural surroundings in the comfortable and carefully designed rooms.

    Whether you are on a quick break from the city rush, or feeling euphoric after a Pirts ritual, the Glass Rooms will help you unwind.

    Meadow flowers, wind in the trees, and birdsong during the day, and the quiet ambience of the countryside, starscapes and the eternity of the Universe at night, will make for a special stay.