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Kumlinge Åttan 12,5 km – Medieval church and archipelago nature

Seglinge STANGNÄS–SANDVIK 8 km – giant’s kettle and rocky seashores

Lappo, Brändö 5 km – archipelago nature and a midsum-mer pole

Brändö JÅSHOLM 3 km – deciduous trees and bird life

Jurmo, Brändö JURMO 3 km – archipelago spirit and swimming in the sea

Föglö JYDDÖ 5 km – sea fowl and butterflies

Föglö HASTERSBODA 4 km – seashores and magical coniferous forests

Vårdö LÖVÖ 5 km  – peace congress and russian stone ovens

Sottunga SKOGSRUNDAN 4 km – sea views and marshland

Sottunga: BYRUNDAN 2 km – village trail in finland’s smallest municipality

Kökar KALEN 7 km  – bronze age and war ruins


Nature is one of the reasons that the Åland Islands are a popular tourist destination and also why the natives love their home. Visitors who want to live like a local in Åland can do as the locals do and go on a nature walk and since the locals enjoy nature walks there are a lot of different routes in the Åland Islands. 
The hiking trails in Åland are 10 to 60 kilometres long. For the most part they are easy, but the path is often uneven in parts and the bedrock can be slippery, but they are amaz-ing. Locals use the trails for picnics and to spend time with family and friends. Visitors can walk along the trails for free but are reminded to leave the trail as they found it, and leave no garbage behind.  

The Åland archipelago has trails for beginners and a pil-grim´s route. St Olav Waterway is the first pilgrim’s route in the world that runs through an archipelago. Find out more about St. Olavsleden here

Nature trails in Föglö, Vårdö, Kumling, Kökar, Sottunga and Brändö islands:

The nature trails listed here are between 1 and 8 km long and vary from easy to medium difficulty. No special equip-ment is required, but sometimes the ground can be wet, so boots or good outdoor shoes are recommended. Many of the nature trails are in nature reserves

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