General information

Package type: half day
Season: January-December
For whom: individuals/ groups max. 15 pers. 

Programme duration: 2-3 hours

Type of transport:
individual transfer/ tour bus 

Public transportation: 
bus from Pärnu approx. 30 min. (direction Vandra or Rapla), bus stop Randivälja 


The location is not far from Soomaa Na-tional Park and the historical small town of Tori. At Klaara-Manni the traditional Estonian sauna building stands in the courtyard of the spacious holiday com-plex surrounded by a large and beautiful organic garden.

The sauna culture can only be under-stood and enjoyed through genuine sau-na experiences. The Countrywomen’s SPAAA offers an exhilarating bathing in the sauna that perks up one’s body. The Countrywomen’s sauna pleasures with genuine Estonian sauna traditions that are meant for women, but also available for men. 

Countrywoman´s SPAAA is the name of a sauna session which includes getting to know nature, its consistency and the traditions of a sauna. The sauna session is conducted by the hostess or host who are in their everyday lives organic grow-ers and value a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. During a sauna session they pass on their knowledge related to the healing power of sauna culture and na-ture. As part of the session participants will learn how in the old days people took care of themselves and got food for the body and soul. Session activities take place in the forest, in the yard and in the wood-heated Estonian sauna.

Programme itinerary

  • Programme


    • Arrival and introduction. When guests arrive, a heated sauna awaits. Before the sauna session, the hosts will talk about sauna culture and and sauna rituals, about human needs and inner energy, about the power of nature, plants and trees, and how it is used in sauna. 
    • Preparations. Depending on the season, guests can either choose a ready-made herbal whisk or, guided by the hosts, make their own whisk from fresh twigs of linden, oak, rowan or birch. Before the sauna session, the sauna master will give instructions about the process outside the steam room. Every sauna guest receives a sauna towel. If the guest does not want to be naked in the sauna, it is possible to get a cotton sauna towel for an add i­tional fee. Special bath hats are available to protect from the hot air. 
    • Taking a sauna. Each participant will use his/her own sauna whisk through­ out the sauna session. The table in the sauna is covered with fresh plants and herbal water. What makes Klaara-Manni sauna special is the bucket shower next to the sauna and the possibility to wash in bowls nside the sauna room. 
    • Beauty procedures. When taking a break from the hot steam, guests can learn how to use domestic body care products such as honey, salt and others. 
    • Light snacks. Sauna towels and a nice sauna snack await the bathers in the lobby.